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Welcome to the Säie Wool online store!

Here, you can explore high-quality hand-dyed yarns that will add a touch of happiness to your day! All of Säie Wool's yarns are dyed in our small dyeing studio located right near the center of Porvoo.

As dyers, we pay special attention to the harmony of colors and the design of our color palette. Our goal is to create beautifully coordinated colors that not only delight the eye but also stand the test of time. We hope that our yarns easily find their place in a knitter's wardrobe and also complement the color palettes of homes.

We believe that precise color design can also extend the lifespan of garments, accessories, and other knitted items. What better quality could there be for knits than the desire to wear them again and again, year after year!

Did you know that in addition to yarns, our selection includes knitting patterns, Säie Wool Knit Kits, and a carefully curated range of knitting supplies?

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Garnfest Porvoo 15.6.

Garnfest Porvoo 15.6.

Garnfest Porvoo will take place in Porvoo's Empire district on June 15th from 11 AM to 5 PM! Join us for a delightful day with nine amazing vendors loved by knitters and a whole lot of joy. Bring a picnic blanket and come enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Porvoo. The event will be held in the courtyard of Yarn Studio Säie Wool and the old Deaf School. Read more about the event here!



Mark your calendar and come enjoy a lovely summer day in Porvoo!

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