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Garnfest Porvoo 2024 vendor - Linkulla Spinneri

Linkulla Spinneri was founded in summer 2023. The small spinning mill is located in Inkoo, in the middle of beautiful Western Uusimaa, on the shore of Lake Linkulla. The spinning mill produces delightful, 100% natural artisan yarns for sale. The spinning mill produces alpaca and sheep's wool yarns. Spinning machines are small, so yarn making involves a lot of manual labor. The threads are produced in small batches. The yarns are made in our own spinning mill, starting from the wool washing. Wool produced as close as possible is ethical and ecological. Linkulla's yarns are either natural or dyed with natural colours. Pure yarn made entirely of natural fibres, which is a pleasure and pleasure to knit, and the finished knit remains in good use year after year.Get to know Linkulla Spinneri better her:

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