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Garnfest Porvoo 2024 myyjä - Saimas Spinnery

Saimas Spinnery is a Finnish spinning mill located in Puumala near lake Saimaa. Our core values are origin and product traceability , as well as ecological sustainability. We produce yarn in small batches, allowing us to create products that honor the raw material and its origin. We wash the wool ourselves using process that aims to preserve the unique properties of the animal fiber. During spinning, the wool is combed, resulting in a smooth and soft finished yarn. Producing the yarn locally, knowing the exact origin and using solar energy are the Foundation of our production. With our product you can track the unique feeling of the fiber itself and find yarn made of finnsheep, kainuugray, Finnish alpaca, Finnish mohair and even dog undercoat.

Get to know Saimas Spinnery better here:

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