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Garnfest Porvoo 2024 vendor - Säie Wool

Welcome to Säie Wool!

Eija is the driving force behind Säie Wool’s dyeing pots and the organizer of the Garnfest Porvoo event. I hand-dye high-quality yarns in the heart of Porvoo’s Empire district. In my studio, founded in 2021, I create harmonious shades that perfectly complement your wardrobe. Säie Wool yarns are delightful treats, with the only problem being that you might struggle to decide which colors to take home.

We offer eight different yarn bases for you to explore! Come and check out our favorites, such as the dreamily soft and light Säie Silk Mohair, the ultimate yarn for sock enthusiasts Säie Sock Classic, or the rustic Säie Wool Linen DK.

Garnfest Porvoo is held in the courtyard of Säie Wool, in the same building as the Säie Wool studio. You can find us at Lukiokatu 5-7 B.

Get to know Säie Wool better here:

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