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Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory

LOCALLY FROM PORVOO! The unparalleled story of Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory began in the spring of 2017 when our ice cream master (Michelin-starred Samuli Wirgentius) churned out the first batch of delicious artisanal ice cream. The atmosphere was excited and proud. This ice cream was so delicious that we knew we had to make more so that everyone could taste it!

RESPECTING LOCAL INGREDIENTS The best ice cream in town is made at the Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory with respect for local ingredients and entirely by hand. Every small batch of our ice cream is made with great love and professional pride. Therefore, our carefully selected ingredients are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Milk is the most important ingredient in our ice cream. That is why our milk always comes from domestic dairy farms.

Artisanal ice cream, made by one man in small batches, captured the hearts of the people of Porvoo and attracted crowds to our first ice cream kiosk.

Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory will be at Garnfest Porvoo!

Get to know Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory here:

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