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Where is the base yarn sourced from and what dye is used for the dyeing process?

The base yarn we use is sourced from Europe from high quality and reliable yarn wholesalers that are specialized in producing undyed yarn. We only use mulesing-free merino wool. The yarn is dyed with synthetic, powdered acid dyes that are safe for both the users and the environment. We use citric acid to bind the dye in the yarn. IN the dyeing process all the dye is absorbed in the yarn, so that the leftover water contains no dye. The dye is also not released in the sewage system.

How well do the actual colors match the colors shown in the web store?

We do our best to ensure that the colors of the product pictures showcased in our web store match the actual colors as closely as possible. The product pictures are always taken in natural light, and we do not use filters or alter the color of the photos. It is still good to keep in mind that sometimes colors can present differently on different devices and screens. Additionally, hand dyed yarn is dyed in small batches, and each batch is therefore unique. Therefore it is possible that there are small variations between the web store images and individual batches of dyed yarn.

I am planning to order a larger batch of yarn for a big knitting project. How can I be sure that there are no notable differences in the color between the different skeins of yarn?

We always strive to ensure that the skeins included in each individual order come from the same dyeing batch, but small variations in color can also occur on skeins from the same batch, as each skein is hand dyed. We always recommend that you stripe your knit when you are about to switch skeins to avoid noticeable color differences. The suitable distance when alternating skeins is usually two rows.

Does the yarn bleed when washed?

All of our yarns are carefully washed and rinsed after dyeing, but it is still possible that small amounts of dye can be released from the yarn when washed. This is more likely with dark and strong colors, and it happens because not all of the dye has been absorbed by the yarn. We recommend that you rinse your knitwork in cool water a couple of times, if the dye is being released. A gentle wash with a mild liquid detergent can also help to release the excess dye from the surface of the yarn. If you have used several different colors in your knitwork, we recommend using a color catcher sheet that will absorb the excess color.

How do I wash and care for my knitwork?

High quality knits can last through a lot of wear and use, when they are cared for in the proper manner. A knit that doesn’t have stains does not need to be washed, and we recommend that instead of putting your knit in the laundry basket, you hang it outside to air out. If the knitwork requires actual wash, we recommend that you hand wash it in cool / luke warm water and use mild, liquid detergent. After the wash you can wrap the knit in a towel and squeeze out the excess water, and then spread it on an even surface to dry - for example on the floor or on top of a drying rack.

In addition to airing out and washing your knits, you should also take care of the knit’s surface by defuzzing it. It is common for wool to pill, which can be caused for example from friction and abrasion. Pilling consists of loose fibers that gather as small “balls” on the surface of the knit. Pilling can be easily removed with a special wool comb. In most cases, the pilling will happen in the beginning when a knit is being used, but once the loose fibers have been removed with a wool comb, the pilling will also stop.

How should I store my yarn?

The yarn is sold in skeins. We recommend that you should only wind the skein into a ball when you are ready to start using it. A yarn that is being stored as a tightly winded ball can stretch slightly, which will affect the knitting density. The best way to store yarn is in a dark, enclosed space.

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