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Porvoo Socks pattern, pdf

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Porvoo Socks pattern, pdf

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Product description

Porvoo Socks aka Keep it Simple Stupid Socks are the simpliest socks to knit.

Product details

Most of the Porvoo Socks is knitted by stockinette stitch and with a couple of simple techniques you’ll be able to create clever but easy structure. The socks are knitted with single colour yarn and they have a knit stitch motif on the cuff and on top of the sock. This sock is knitted from cuff to toe and besides the knitting needles, you’ll need a crochet hook to easily form the knit stitch motif. Motifs are always formed after each section has been completed. Due to the simple structure and easy flow while knitting, these socks have earned the nick name: “Keep it simple stupid -socks!”

  • Size: 1(2)3, Shoe size (eur): 37/38 (38/39) 40/41, the length can be easily modified.
  • 3 mm (US size 2), or use the size that gets you the right gauge. Instructions are written for magic loop technique, but if you use dpns arrange sts in a way that you have instep sts on two needles and sole sts on two needles.
  • Yarn: 70 (80) 90 g  of sport weight yarn. (Drops Nord, (170 m / 50 g) is used in the pattern)

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Designer Säie Wool / Eija

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