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RE:DESIGNED PROJECT 19 is an elegant Shopper-style bag.

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Product description

Super soft Shopper for knitter.

Product details

RE:DESIGNED PROJECT 19 - your new favourite knitting companion!

Say hello to the comfiest knitting companion ever – our Soft Leather Shopper Bag, Project 19!
Made from the real deal, this bag is like a hug for your knit project. Closed with a trusty magnet, to keep your yarn safe from sharp zipper teeth. Slip it over your shoulder with the comfy shoulder handles. Inside, discover a secret stash spot with a zip pocket and two open pockets, perfect for tucking away your favorite knitting tools. But wait, there's more! We've thrown in a handy keyring, because, let's be real, where does that measuring tape always disappear to?

PROJECT 19 is crafted from our Urban quality, which is naturally colored cow leather. Before the surface is finished, it is treated with dye to preserve the original pattern of the raw leather. The quality is defined by its natural and soft appearance and feel, with each case being unique with individual characteristics. After the leather is dyed, a light wax is manually applied to the surface. You can optionally apply RE:DESIGNED leather balm to your case to enhance the durability of the leather and make it more resistant to dirt and water.

  • Color: Walnut/Gold
  • Quality: 100% Leather
  • Dimensions: H:34 x W:39 x D:9 cm

    Designed in Denmark, made in India

    RE:DESIGNED's "Project" series is dedicated to all knitting and crochet enthusiasts. Its functional design and thoughtful details make it an ideal storage solution for knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or patchwork.

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